Nicky Morgan MP

MP for Loughborough

Nicky co-led More United’s Immigration campaign, alongside Tulip Siddiq MP (Labour) and Christine Jardine MP (Liberal Democrat), in which 17,200 of you took part. The three of them wrote an open letter to the Home Secretary, asking for our views to be included in the upcoming Immigration Bill. Specifically they asked for: a Migration and Communities Fund; an annual Parliamentary debate on migration; an end to the use of any arbitrary net migration targets; and better enforcement of the rules that are already available to the UK.

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Nicky has held a number of positions in Government including: Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Minister for Women, and Cabinet Minister for Universities and Science. She is currently Chair of the Treasury Select Committee. In a recent House of Commons Brexit speech, Nicky highlighted her cross-party colours in raising the potential need for a Government of National Unity -- a broad coalition of all or most major parties.

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