Norman Lamb MP

MP for North Norfolk

I’m pleased to endorse More United’s values. They are fundamentally British and must be protected.

Norman co-led the More United campaign on the Tier 2 Visa system, to make it easier for the NHS to recruit the staff it needs. He did this alongside Heidi Allen MP (Independent Group). Together with More United, they ensured that doctors and nurses were exempted from the visa cap. Norman has pledged to lead More United’s campaign on health and social care, alongside Liz Kendall MP (Labour). They want to join forces to build a consensus around a long-term solution to the chronic problem of underfunding, and put an end to the NHS as a political football. Norman was backed by More United supporters during the 2017 election.

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Norman is renowned as Parliament’s most prominent mental health campaigner and has spoken openly about how the suicide of his sister and his son's experience of mental illness led him to advocate for greater awareness and better care provision. As the health minister in the 2010-2015 coalition government, he secured additional funding of £1.25bn over five years, saying that “people with mental ill health get a raw deal. It's always been that way but it's both morally wrong and economically stupid.” His sustained and dedicated campaigning was also the driving force behind changes to the social care system, resulting in the piloting of The Care Act - the most significant reform of care and support in more than 60 years.

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