Owen Smith MP

MP for Pontypridd

The world is changing and politics needs to adapt. Politicians must work together to give people a stronger voice. I pledge to work towards this goal and to fight for More United’s values.

Owen supported More United’s campaign to reform the ‘Tier 2’ visa system for nurses and doctors by writing to the Home Secretary asking her to exempt NHS staff from the visa cap. More United supporters backed him at the 2017 General Election.

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Owen began his career as a BBC journalist, where he worked for ten years on network radio and television programmes, including BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’. After leaving journalism, he spent three years working as a Government Special Adviser, principally at the Northern Ireland Office. In late-July 2016, Smith pledged that, if elected as Leader of the Labour Party, he would ban zero-hour contracts and end the salary freeze for public sector workers, stating that "the public sector pay freeze cannot continue while the costs – of housing and heating, transport and childcare – continue to rise". He also proposed that £200,000,000 be invested to "rebuild Britain", defined by the BBC as "building new infrastructure and council housing". Owen also suggested that income tax rates on the highest paid should be increased, with a top rate of 50%.


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