The Plan

More United is creating a new model of politics, making it less extreme, less tribal and giving you more power to make an impact. 

In the run up to the 2017 General Election, we recruited 100,000 supporters, crowdfunded £500,000 and helped elect 34 MPs from four different parties who signed up to our five values.  

But that’s just the beginning. We’ve shown we can make a difference at elections. Our challenge now is to impact politics outside elections too. Now we're working to:


1. Help the 34 MPs make an impact right now

Every week the MPs we backed campaign on important issues in Parliament. By supporting these MPs - with volunteers, money and online activity - we can increase their chance of success. 

2. Link our supporters with MPs

To help the MPs have more impact, we need them to understand the issues we care about. We’re working to make sure our supporters can feed in their views, ideas and suggestions to those in power.

3. Grow our movement

We want More United to be the biggest source of people, money and power in British politics. If we do, the extreme forces that have taken over our democracy won't stand a chance.

This won’t be easy but we can create a completely new way to do politics. One that backs people not parties, one that delivers real impact, and one that is made possible not by politicians but by thousands of people like you.