MU Members Select Next Round of Campaigns

Published 29 June 2018

More United supports great MPs who put aside party politics to fight injustice, tackle issues in the ‘too hard’ basket and make a real difference in Parliament. Some of those MPs have asked for More United’s help to campaign across party lines on these critical issues. 

More United's Members have voted to give full support to each of the following campaigns, all of them grounded in the values of opportunity, tolerance, openness and environmentalism that are at the core of this movement.

The MU team has assessed how much funding each project requires. The projects that received the highest number of votes are going to be prioritised, and they are listed below in that order.

Alistair Carmichael MP: Save Our Oceans from Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats facing the world's seas.

Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichael is calling on the government to take immediate action. He's working across party lines with MPs and experts to identify and campaign for the most effective ways to tackle this growing crisis. 

Alistair says: “Blue Planet viewers have been shocked to see how plastic is slowly killing life in our ocean. Plastic pollution must be stopped - now. I’m asking for More United's help to grow support for my campaign and help spread the message far and wide. With your help, we can improve the Government’s response to this crisis and increase action to end ocean plastic pollution for good.”

Vote result: 78% full support, 17% partial support, 5% no support

Support: £1000 and volunteers
This will fund online promotion of the issue and mobilising people across the country to write to their MPs 

Andy Slaughter MP: Protect Our NHS From Brexit

For hospitals already strained by cuts and threatened with closure, a hard Brexit could have a devastating impact on NHS services.

Thanks to a successful More United campaign, Parliament has held the first ever debate on how Brexit could impact the NHS. Andy Slaughter MP spoke in that debate. Now he would like More United’s help to run a constituency campaign to further raise awareness about how a hard Brexit could negatively impact the NHS, both locally and nationally.

Andy says: “Charing Cross Hospital is facing severe new threats including a lack of funding and the departure of nurses and doctors who are EU nationals. As the debate in Parliament highlighted, a hard Brexit could have a devastating effect on these already stretched NHS services. Please help me to do more in my constituency and inside Parliament to raise the profile of this issue and protect our NHS.”

Vote result: 78% full support, 16% partial support, 6% no support

Support: £500 and volunteers
This will fund campaign materials and supplies for volunteers

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP: Do More For Refugees

There are currently more than 25.4 million refugees worldwide, displaced because of conflict, persecution, poverty or climate change.

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP spent time last year volunteering as a trauma doctor on the Bangladesh/Myanmar border. She's asked for More United's help to visit again, documenting the hardships the Rohingya people continue to face. Working with MPs of other parties upon her return, she will advocate for greater support for displaced people across the globe.

Rosena says: “When I was in the Rohingya refugee camps, I heard stories that gave me nightmares. I held dying children in my arms and made a promise to tell their story. The UK has a proud history of being courageous, compassionate and generous, and of leading the way on humanitarian rights in the international community. With famines and instability brewing in many corners of the world, please support me to help tell their stories and ensure that the UK provides much-needed support."

Vote result: 66% full support, 26% partial support, 8% no support

Support: £3000
This will cover the costs of Rosena's flight and hiring a local film crew to document the trip

Christine Jardine MP & Carolyn Harris MP: WASPI

Hundreds of thousands of women born in the 1950s have had their retirement plans shattered because of government failures in changing the state pension age.

Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine and Labour MP Carolyn Harris are working with the Women Against State Pension Injustice (WASPI) campaign to achieve justice. With a crucial Parliamentary vote in the autumn, a breakthrough could be on the horizon. Christine and Carolyn are running an action day in Parliament to get as many WASPI women as possible to speak to their MPs face-to-face and ask them to vote for justice.

Christine says: “The changes to the state pension age have, for some women, been devastating. A constituent of mine recently came to me to tell me that although she had planned for her retirement for almost 30 years, she now found herself having to do two part-time jobs just to remain solvent. This is a woman who had worked all her life, paid her national insurance and saved for her retirement. She now works as a cleaner and, as a result, suffers from arthritis. This is not her fault but is down to the Government’s mismanagement. This is a scandal requiring national attention

Vote result: 53% full support, 31% partial support, 16% no support

Support: £1200
This will fund WASPI women from across the country to come to Parliament, meet their MPs and tell their stories