Sign the petition: demand proxy voting for MPs now

The future of our country is being debated in Parliament. But an archaic system is loaded against those MPs who can’t be there in person, preventing them from taking part in crucial votes. On Monday night, there could be new rules allowing MPs to vote by proxy. 

Last summer, More United-backed MP Jo Swinson was on maternity leave for an important Brexit vote, meaning that she was unable to have her say on the future of this country.

Jo was “paired”* with an MP on the other side of the issue in an arrangement that would have meant her absence was cancelled out - but that other MP voted. Whether deliberate or not, it’s proof that the system needs urgent reform.

Last week, More United-backed MP Tulip Siddiq was forced to delay her caesarian birth to take part in Parliament’s vote on Brexit. Tulip was pushed into Parliament in a wheelchair two days before she gave birth so that she could represent her constituency.

Sign your name to show that these MPs have your backing. Let's change this archaic system.

*Pairing is an arrangement between two MPs of opposing parties to not vote in a particular division when one of them is absent. This enables an MP to be absent without affecting the result of the vote as they effectively cancel each other out.