2018: campaign highlights

Published 07 January 2019

One story you may have missed about cross-party working...

MPs Nicky Morgan (Conservative), Tulip Siddiq (Labour) and Christine Jardine (Lib Dem) had never even met each other before we brought them together in More United’s immigration campaign.

Fantastically, following this, Tulip asked Christine to support her own campaign to end indefinite detention. It is incredible how More United bringing MPs together can help build enduring cross-party working relationships.


Some of the highlights from working together:


1. Kicked off the debate on the NHS and Brexit: We worked with 52 MPs to get the first ever debate in Parliament about the impact of Brexit on the NHS. Our debate exposed important facts about staffing levels, midwife shortages and medicine stockpiling. Thousands of us then petitioned the Government to publish the list of medicines to be stockpiled and the cross-party Health Committee took up our call. By holding a vital debate in parliament, as well as coordinating MPs to keep up the pressure for greater transparency, we took a leading role in shifting public attitudes.

2. Increased Work Allowances in Universal Credit: Together with 3 MPs from 3 parties, we campaigned to get the Chancellor to restore the Work Allowances in Universal Credit to the pre-2015 level. The Chancellor listened to us and pledged £1.7 billion to Universal Credit in the Autumn Budget, increasing Work Allowances to £1,000 a year.

3. Got our views on immigration listened to: Overwhelmed by the 17,200+ of us who shared our views in a survey, Nicky Morgan MP (Con), Tulip Siddiq MP (Lab) and Christine Jardine MP (Lib Dem) wrote an open letter to the Home Secretary, asking for our views to be included in the upcoming Immigration Bill. 

4. Got 35 MPs (including the Justice Minister) to debate Legal Aid cuts: We worked with 2 grassroots Legal Aid groups, and 2 MPs, to secure a vital debate in Parliament, asking for the worst legal aid cuts to be reversed. Thousands of us then asked our MPs to speak in that debate to influence a Government review. Incredibly, more than 35 MPs from 5 parties attended and there was a massive cross-party consensus.

5. Brexit legal advice published: We petitioned the Government to see the Brexit legal advice in full. The Government was found in contempt of Parliament over its refusal to publish the full and final Brexit legal advice. Again, they backed down and agreed to publish the advice.

6. Raised awareness of refugees: We funded Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP’s visit to the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh to provide aid and raise awareness for their continued plight back here in the UK.