Rachel Reeves MP

MP for Leeds West

As the MP for Leeds West for the past 7 years, I have been committed to an open and tolerant society that provides opportunity for all not just the few, both here and across the UK. I have worked locally to bridge the gaps between different communities in order to stem hate crime in the aftermath of the EU referendum, working with the Muslim and Sikh communities locally as well as the Eastern European communities.

I will also press the Government on their commitment to tackle climate change and step up on protecting my constituency against floods both through fulfilling their commitments to reduce carbon emissions and delivering much needed flood defences on the river Aire. As the only candidate who is able to represent progressive views in Leeds West, I hope you will consider supporting me.

With her background as an economist, Rachel has a great deal of expertise in the areas of finance and business and has written studies about the financial crisis for top think tanks. She is currently the chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee in Parliament. Following the collapse of Corillion, Rachel has called for corporate governance laws to be rewritten "so that companies can't siphon off money to the detriment of suppliers, workers and, ultimately, the British taxpayer".

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Frustrated at the lack of awareness of key women in Parliamentary history, Rachel recently wrote and published the first biography of pioneering parliamentarian, Alice Bacon, who was MP for Leeds North East from 1945-1970.

Together with Conservative MP Seema Kennedy, Rachel co-chairs the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness, which works to address the negative impact loneliness has on different sections of society.


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