The real Brexit choice: we won!


Latest News: We won!

More than 16,000 of us signed the petition calling for the Government to tell the public how the Brexit plan compares to our current deal.

And last night, the Government backed down: it accepted an amendment to the Finance Bill which delivers this.

Led by Chuka Umunna MP (Labour) and Anna Soubry MP (Conservative), this amendment had enormous support. 71 MPs from 6 parties put their party differences aside to make sure we all have the full facts on Brexit.




The full list of MPs who supported amendment:




Petition Detail:

Dear Theresa May,

Your ministers have committed to publishing an impact assessment that compares the Brexit plan to a no-deal scenario. This is a false choice. We want them to tell the public how the Brexit plan compares to our current deal.

Whether people voted leave or remain, we all have the right to know all the facts. It’s vital for our democracy that we know what any deal will mean for us and our families.

That’s why we’ve put down a cross-party amendment to the Finance Bill asking you to publish an impact assessment of the Brexit deal that directly compares the plan to the current terms of Britain’s EU membership.

Our amendment already has the support of over 30 MPs from six political parties.

We want the facts to make a real choice. Publish the right impact assessment.

Anna Soubry MP (Conservative)

Chuka Umunna MP (Labour)

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