Rosena Allin-Khan MP

MP for Tooting

Tooting is open, diverse and tolerant - a place I am proud to represent. I’m supporting More United’s values because I believe they encapsulate the society I want to live. If re-elected, I intend to focus on ensuring these values are at the heart of Parliament.

Rosena is a medical doctor and a vocal campaigner for stronger UK action to tackle refugee and humanitarian crises. More United recently funded her visit to Bangladesh to provide medical aid to Rohingya refugees who have fled Myanmar. She has gone on to promote their cause within Parliament, most recently at a cross-party debate in December where she spoke about the atrocities she had witnessed, and called on the Government to act. She also added her name to More United’s call for a debate on the impact of Brexit on the NHS. Rosena was backed by More United supporters during the 2017 election.

Rosena was born and raised in her constituency, Tooting. Before entering the House of Commons, she worked as a junior doctor in the A&E department of what is now her constituency hospital, and as a humanitarian aid doctor in the Middle East and Africa. Alongside her MP duties, Rosena still works shifts in her local A&E. Since her election in 2016, Rosena's work as an MP has included campaigning on women's rights, community cohesion and NHS funding. She is also campaigning locally to cut down on plastic waste in Tooting by stopping the use of plastic straws.

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