Ruth Cadbury MP

MP for Brentford and Isleworth

The Brentford and Isleworth constituency, which stretches from Chiswick to Hounslow, is made up of diverse and close-knit communities, that share common values and work together. The divisions we see increasing in our politics are alarming and that is why I am proud to back More United’s values.

Ruth supported More United's campaign on the impact of Brexit on the NHS by adding her name to calls for a cross-party debate.

How More United supports Ruth

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In and out of parliament, Ruth is a prominent advocate of transgender equality.

She also believes the government’s response to the current refugee crisis is “appalling”, and has called on the government to do more. Ruth has also criticised the recent immigration policy of the US.

As a founding member of the Cross Party Group for West London Business, Ruth is focused on maximising business investment and economic growth in her area. In her first speech in 2015, Ruth spoke about how her Quaker background has fuelled her commitment to social justice.

Fervently opposed to a hard Brexit, Ruth was fired from Labour's front bench for rebelling against her party to vote for keeping the UK within the single market.

Ruth currently sits on the Justice Committee.

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