Celebrating Tolerance and Courage on Srebrenica Memorial Day

Published 10 July 2018

23 years ago thousands of men and boys were systematically murdered in the Srebrenica genocide, simply because they were Muslim. As we commemorate this tragedy through Srebrenica Memorial Week, it's a vital reminder of the duty we all hold to take a stand against hatred. Wherever intolerance raises its head, whether based on differences of religion, ethnicity, gender or sexuality, it's up to all of us resist it.

The theme of this year's Srebrenica Memorial Week is "Acts of Courage": a reminder that hope and the common bonds of humanity can triumph in the darkest of times. We should draw inspiration from those who, during the genocide and ethnic cleansing, were bold enough to resist an ideology of division, protect their neighbours, and speak out for truth and justice.

At the core of More United is a belief in a tolerant, free, diverse society where our differences are respected and celebrated. That diversity, in terms of opinion and identity, makes us stronger and more resilient as a nation. As divides within the country and the political system deepen, it becomes more important than ever for us to work together despite our differences and to stand together in solidarity against prejudice and discrimination.

In commemorating those who died at Srebrenica, it's time to reflect on how we as individuals, groups and communities can come together to build a better future free from hatred.