Stephen Kinnock MP

MP for Aberavon

To me More United is not just about championing the values we share, it’s about the fact that collectively we need to respond to an ever more polarised world. As politicians we need to reflect the best of our country and I don’t want to see the values we hold dear eroded by cynicism, division and intolerance. I’m glad there is a growing group of voices out there asking for people to be more open and collaborative, and work together where we agree.

Stephen has supported More United’s campaign on the impact of Brexit on the NHS by adding his name to calls for a cross-party debate.

How More United supports Stephen

Member backed
Election donation

As an MP, Stephen is never afraid to speak his mind. He was a passionate supporter of the Remain campaign and, following the Referendum, called for an investigation into the Leave campaign to determine if they broke electoral law. He has remained vocal on this issue, repeatedly highlighting the importance of enshrining the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights within UK law. 

Stephen has campaigned to support the Port Talbot steel works, working closely with Tata Steel to secure a sustainable future for the site, securing thousands of jobs. 

Last summer, Stephen spoke about More United at Festival No. 6 with one of the movement's founders and other MU-backed MPs.


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