Stephen Lloyd MP

MP for Eastbourne

Stephen has worked closely with More United on a number of campaigns. As one of the leads for our campaign to restore the Access to Elected Office Fund, Stephen organised and signed a cross-party letter to the Home Secretary, alongside two other disabled MPs from two other parties. He also chaired an event on the topic, organised by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and More United. He continued to hold the Government to account through written questions. As well as his work on the Access to Elected Office Fund campaign, Stephen co-led the Universal Credit campaign with Heidi Allen MP (Conservative) and Peter Kyle MP (Labour), demanding that ‘Work Allowances’ be restored to pre-2015 cuts level. Alongside Peter Aldous (Conservative) and Darren Jones (Labour), Stephen has led More United’s tipping campaign, calling for changes to policy after it came to light that restaurants are still taking 10% of their employees’ hard-earned tips. Stephen also added his name to calls for a debate on Legal Aid.

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Stephen has been vocal on the need to reform the Universal Credit system, saying: "Instead of leaving vulnerable people in the lurch, we would pause the UC roll-out so we can fix it and properly invest in it" and has also called it a “potential human disaster in the making.”

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