Success! Government to exempt doctors and nurses from visa cap

Published 18 June 2018

Following cross-party efforts led by Conservative MP Heidi Allen and Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb, and action taken by hundreds of More United supporters, the government has agreed to reform the visa system to make it easier for the NHS to recruit the staff it needs.

The Tier 2 visa system, which is for non-EU nationals, currently has a strict cap on how many visas can be issued each year. Despite thousands of vacancies within the NHS, doctors are not currently prioritised as a shortage profession.

Thanks to this campaign, doctors and nurses will now be made exempt from the visa cap.

Heidi says: "I'm so grateful to the hundreds of More United supporters who took the time to write to their MPs. This shows what a difference that small action can make."

Heidi Allen led the charge, working with other Conservative back-bench MPs to raise awareness of the issue. With More United's help, she joined forces with Norman Lamb to build support across party lines. 

Thanks to hundreds of emails sent by More United supporters, 10 more MPs from 3 parties took action. Together, this galvanised the government to deliver change.