Who we are

The Team

Bess Mayhew

Co-founder and CEO

Bess is More United’s CEO and one of the co-founders behind the movement. She initially spent several months juggling volunteering for the movement around her full-time job, but in November 2016 she left her job at Ogilvy to dedicate all of her time and energy to turning More United from kitchen table dream into powerful political force. Her background is in policy, digital strategy and communications.

Daisy Cooper

Executive Director of Campaigns

Daisy joined the More United team in November 2017. Previously, Daisy was the joint executive director of Hacked Off, and worked in international affairs for ten years. As a Parliamentary candidate herself in St Albans, Daisy brings a wealth of experience in politics, policy and strategy from different parts of the political sphere.

Sally Burton-Graham

Director of Fundraising

Formerly director of fundraising at Worldwide Cancer Research, Sally has headed up hugely successful fundraising campaigns for a wide array of organisations, including Royal Holloway and the MicroLoan Foundation. She is also the co-founder of Crowd.Science. Sally joined the team in March 2017.

Iona Gaskell

Supporter Engagement Officer

Iona initially joined More United as an intern in December 2016 when the movement launched its first ever crowdfund. As More United has grown, Iona has worked to develop the support-base, managing the general election campaign efforts, analysing impact and overseeing supporter consultations.

The Board

More United’s board works with the team on our overall strategy, keeping progress on track and providing political advice. The board is also responsible for delivering on our legal obligations and making our movement as transparent as possible. You can find out more about our governance here.

Maurice Biriotti

An academic and businessman, Maurice’s only experience in the political sphere is through his own stake in it as a citizen. The company he founded solves problems in business by identifying what motivates people, and this insight and expertise has been crucial in the founding and growth of More United. Maurice chairs the board.

Austin Rathe

Austin is a digital communications expert with knowledge extending across the spheres of business and politics. He firmly believes that the innovations technology has brought to other sectors can be applied to the political sphere to create a democracy that’s fit for the 21st century - a belief that’s central to More United’s vision.

Corinne Sawers

Corinne is a business strategist with experience building successful startups. She works to make big businesses more socially and environmentally sustainable and is especially concerned with ensuring that More United empowers a diverse range of political candidates to fulfil their potential.

Dan Snow

Dan is a historian, broadcaster and long-time advocate of political reform. Having been involved in launching and promoting More United from the start, Dan joined the board in March 2017. His knowledge of media and journalism is crucial to More United’s governance.

More United's Convenors

More United was launched in July 2016 with the support of a number of people from public life who acted as our movement's 'convenors'. With experience ranging from social enterprise to medicine, tech to broadcasting, our convenors were vital to getting More United off the ground and have since provided invaluable advice and support.

Anne-Marie Imafidon

Social Tech Entrepreneur

Anne-Marie Imafidon is a social tech entrepreneur. She founded Stemettes and Outbox Incubator to encourage more women to go into STEM sectors.

Clare Gerada

Medical Practioner

Clare Gerada is a medical practitioner and former chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Gia Milinovich

Writer and Presenter

Gia Milinovich is a writer, filmmaker and television presenter.

Janet Smith

Former High Court Judge

Janet Smith is a former High Court Judge and President of the Council of the Inns of Court.

Jeremy Bliss

Lawyer and Entrepreneur

Jeremy Bliss is a lawyer and entrepreneur. He is the co-creator of Inigo Foods.

Jonathon Porritt


Jonathon Porritt is a writer and environmentalist who’s spent decades campaigning for renewable energy and sustainable development.

Josh Babarinde

Social Entrepreneur and Youth Worker

Josh Babarinde is a social entrepreneur and youth worker. He founded social enterprise Cracked It.

Luke Pritchard


Luke Pritchard is the lead singer for English pop rock bank The Kooks.

Maajid Nawaz

Author, Activist and Columnist

Maajid Nawaz is an activist, author and radio host. He is also the founding chairman of Quilliam, a counter-extremism think tank.

Martha Lane Fox


Martha Lane Fox is a businesswoman, philanthropist, co-founder of Lastminute.com and a crossbench peer in the House of Lords.

Rumi Verjee

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Rumi Verjee is a businessman and philanthropist. His charity, The Rumi Foundation, supports humanitarian work in the UK and across the world.

Simon Schama

Writer, Broadcaster and Professor

Simon Schama is a historian, writer and broadcaster. He is currently a Professor of History and Art History at Columbia University, New York.

Sunny Hundal

Columnist and Lecturer

Sunny Hundal is a journalist, blogger and academic. He is founder and editor of the political blog Liberal Conspiracy.