Universal Credit

UPDATE: We won! The Chancellor listened and has pledged £1.7 billion to Universal Credit in the Autumn Budget, increasing Work Allowances to £1,000 a year.


Universal credit was intended to make the welfare system simpler and to “make work pay”.

But cuts to “Work Allowances” have particularly affected those people in work who the new system was supposed to help: single parents and second earners in families.

The Autumn Budget is our chance to change that.

Three MPs have put their party differences aside - Heidi Allen (Conservative), Stephen Lloyd MP (Lib Dem) and Peter Kyle (Labour) - to make the welfare system better and fairer.

They’ve asked the Chancellor to restore the Work Allowances in Universal Credit to the pre-2015 level in the Budget this month to help those who were supposed to benefit. But we need more MPs on board to get his full attention. Will you email your MP to ask them to join our call?



The Work Allowance allows low paid workers to keep more of what they earn before their Universal Credit is affected. Restoring them will have a huge impact for lone parents and families in work.

The Chancellor will be finalising the budget details over the next days so we need as many MPs as possible to contact him before then.

Will you ask your MP to write to the Chancellor to restore the work allowances without further delay?