What’s next for More United?

Published 28 July 2017

The June 2017 snap election defied all the predictions. The polls predicted a landslide, but the election delivered a hung parliament. 

The good news is that 34 MPs who signed up to support More United’s values were elected.

They were supported by not only the largest crowdfund in UK political history, but by thousands of More United volunteers who canvassed on the doorstep - often for the first time ever.

Many challenges lie ahead; the economy is slowing, the UK stumbles towards Brexit, and now more than ever before the values that More United was setup to defend are under threat from extreme politics.

These challenges highlight the need to find common ground across parties, to build a lasting movement to reboot politics, and put power back in the hands of the moderate many.


Building our movement

More United is nearly 100,000 voices strong - but to achieve our goals we need to recruit as many people as possible. Over the summer we will be re-launching our website and developing the tools we need to recruit the next 100,000 members and hopefully many more after that. We will be creating new ways to engage with MPs and support them when their campaigns align with our values.

Making our support valuable

Backing MPs at election time is just the start - we need to demonstrate the value of our support. This means supporting MPs when they do the right thing and holding MPs to account when they don’t. MPs have their own campaigns which we can support - for example see Chris Bryant’s poll on which private member’s bill to back or the cross party group on Europe. More United members can make a real difference to the success of these campaigns.

Only by making More United backing something MPs don’t want to lose, can we make the risk of losing our support an influential way of holding MPs to account.

Only with your help can we achieve this

More United is only possible with the support and expertise of you, our members. Over the next few weeks we will be surveying (by email and in person) to find out what your thoughts are for our future - and how we can get there. We have exciting plans, and our supporters will be the first to see them. Join us.