NHS & Brexit debate secured

Published 15 March 2018

Over the last three weeks, 5,000 More United supporters have taken action to call for a Parliamentary debate on how Brexit will impact the NHS.

As a direct result of that action, 46 MPs from 5 parties took up the call. Together they submitted a formal request for a backbench debate on this issue. 

When the MPs who sponsored that request made the case for this debate, they had to demonstrate that it had widespread backing. The action taken by thousands of More United supporters meant they were able to show they had the support of MPs from across Parliament.

Today that request was granted. The debate will taking place on March 22nd. 

It's hard to exaggerate what an incredible achievement this is: in just 3 weeks More United supporters were able to get 46 MPs from 5 parties to work together on this issue.

But the work is far from over. The debate has been secured: now we have to make sure that MPs from all sides actually turn up and speak in it.

Write to your MP now, asking them to take part in the debate on 22 March.