A Few Wise Words from More United's Supporters

Published 30 October 2017

More United started a year ago with a handful of volunteers working around a kitchen table and a simple idea - that politics could work differently.

Considering these humble beginnings, you can understand why we like reminding you of what’s been achieved in the last 12 month.

But what’s crucial to remember is that not a single one of those achievements would have been possible without the thousands of supporters who have transformed More United from kitchen table dream to powerful political force. From raising the largest political crowdfund ever, to campaigning for More United candidates up and down the UK: supporters are the fuel that drives the movement.

So it’s vital that the team at HQ knows what supporters think. Over the next few months, as well as running online surveys, the team is travelling around the UK holding get-togethers to make sure they do.

These are opportunities for the More United community to get to know itself better, giving supporters the chance to share what they value in the movement and contribute to the direction it’s moving in.

So far I’ve been to Edinburgh, Birmingham, Brighton and London - and I’ve learnt a lot in the process. Here are a just a few gems of wisdom your fellow supporters have shared with me.

On the state of UK politics...


On what's missing...


On motivations to join More United...


On the bright side...


On party tribalism...


And on why there's still hope...


Thank you to everyone who's joined these sessions so far!