About Us

1. Choose candidates who stand by our values, no matter which party they're from

2. Raise money through crowdfunding 

3. Our members vote on which candidates to support

4. Help get them elected, by giving them the money and volunteers they need to win

Progressive values at the heart of politics

At the heart of More United are 5 values for a fair and positive society:


We want our politicians to stand by these values, so together we can change our country.


More United is now supporting 36 candidates standing in this General Election. All of them have demonstrated their commitment to change, to progress, to a new and positive way of doing politics that will help to deliver a better future for us all.

Many of our Members have voted to support candidates from parties they have never voted for before. Moving beyond party tribalism, they have a clear sense of why the qualities this individual candidate will bring are crucial for leading us through the Brexit transition and beyond.  We asked some of our members to pick one of the candidates and explain why they will be such important additions to Parliament. Here they are in their own words, telling us what that candidate means for them and for you, and why they hope to see them elected on June 8th.


Nick works in campaigning on humanitarian issues and joined More United during the first crowdfund. Here he shares the story of why he got involved, from the death of Jo Cox to this election campaign.

We have carefully selected the first set of candidates we want to back in this election and our members will now decide which of them will be receiving More United’s support. Each of the candidates has said they support our shared values and they all have a good chance of winning in the seats they are contesting.

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