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Looking for a way to make your voice heard?

We’re building a movement to give you a direct influence over politics. Unlike traditional politics, we use crowdfunding to support candidates from any party - so long as they stand for our values. Our first crowdfund raised over £270,000!

Our aim is to get more progressive MPs elected, changing Parliament for the better. Our support helped Sarah Olney get elected in the 2016 Richmond by-election.

The Plan

Step 1: Raise money through crowdfunding and donations

Step 2: Choose candidates who stand by our values, no matter which party they're from

Step 3: Get them elected, by giving them the money and resources they need to win

Progressive values at the heart of politics

At the heart of the movement are five values for a fair and positive society in the 21st century: opportunity, tolerance, democracy, environment and openness.

We want our politicians to stand by these values, so together we can change our country.


It’s been an absolutely massive month for More United.

In just four weeks we’ve launched our first crowdfund, conducted our first online vote, held our first action day, got our first More United-backed candidate elected in Richmond AND become the most popular project EVER on


Last weekend, something quite special happened. 

On Saturday out in Richmond in the west of London, well over one hundred people, most of whom had never done any kind of political campaigning before in their lives, came together to make a stand for more openness and tolerance in our politics. 

Incredible! You've helped smash our target of £100,000 in just two days - an overwhelming response!

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