Member Reflections: More United's Message

By Iona Gaskell | 18 May 2017

Nick works in campaigning on humanitarian issues and joined More United during the first crowdfund. Here he shares the story of why he got involved, from the death of Jo Cox to this election campaign.

I was lucky enough to know Jo Cox a little. I worked with her at Oxfam and then when she was an MP. The day she was killed, I remember talking with other friends who knew her better than I did. Desperate for a silver lining to this moment of utter heartbreak, we hoped that this would be a watershed, that the hatred, the division would be taken out of politics. Yet some people are still using their public platforms to whip up division, to turn us against each other, and make scapegoats out of people a little different and with a lot less power.

In my experience, Brits are pretty unflappable. More than that, as an entrepreneurial, outward-looking country of islands, we thrive because of our openness to new ideas.

That's why I support More United: I believe we need to give power to the elbow of those candidates, regardless of party, who celebrate like Jo did the UK's rich diversity and see joy and strength in it.

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